Positive Behavioral interventionPositive Behavioral Intervention for Students With Autism: A Practical Guide to Avoiding the Legal Risks of Seclusion and Restraint. Revised edition to be released December, 2013. Using a hands-on practical approach illustrated with real-world examples, this autism book offers evidence-based positive behavior intervention strategies. Available from LRP Publications.

book 5
STEM Teaching Strategies: For Young Learners (Pre-K and Kindergarten): 
This reference guide will provide tools and techniques to help Pre-K to Kindergarten children pursue STEM-focused thinking and learning while strengthening their Executive Function.


book 2Students With Significant Disabilities: At the Crossroads of IDEA and ESSA: Aligning Standards-based Instruction, Alternate Assessments, and IEPs with UDL-based Instructional Techniques and Technology (2017, LRP Publications)

This new version of Striking a Balance Between IDEA and NCLB for Students With Significant Disabilities combines Q&As on new ESSA requirements with step-by-step demonstration of how to ensure access to and engagement with academic content-area instruction. It’s ideal for administrators and classroom teachers with illustration of best-practices and ready-to-use resources.


Paraeducator Power Training for Supporting Students with Disabilities: A Comprehensive Trainer’s Guide Trainee Manual for Supporting Students with Disabilities (2012).The Paraeducator Power Training trainer’s guide package includes a CD with 6 complete PowerPoint presentations for district trainers to train paraeducators at their own site. Available from Education 311.



Enhancing Executive Function in the Early Years: Environment, Instruction and Adaptations for School Readiness:This unique resource provides you first with essential knowledge of what executive functioning is, its three major components and what associated difficulties look like in young children. Then, you discover how to structure an environment to make learning fun, meaningful and engaging while delivering carefully crafted instructional activities to advance children’s cognitive, communication and social-emotional competencies..

From Early Intervention…. to Preschool Programs… and School-Age Services:

A Parent’s book-earlyGuide to Transitioning Young Children with Special Needs (2006). Available from LRP Publications.This parent-focused transition book helps school districts and early intervention services support families as their children with disabilities transfer from early intervention to preschool, and from preschool to kindergarten special education services.


Severe Disabilities - New BookServing Students with Severe and Multiple Disabilities: A Guide to Strategies for Successful Learning (2005). Available from LRP Publications. This book provides guidance and practical instructional tools to enhance services for hard-to-serve students with severe and multiple disabilities.


togetherTogether We Succeed: Building a Better System for Transitioning Preschoolers with Disabilities (2004). Available from LRP Publications. The book provides innovative ideas for developing and implementing a research-based system for smooth transition services for preschool children with special needs and their families.



Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD): Seven Steps of Support – A quick reference laminated guide (Published by NPR, Inc. April, 2015). Available from NPR, Inc.