Positive Behavioral Intervention for Students With Autism: Practical Guide to Avoiding the Legal Risks of Seclusion and Restraint, Horsham, PA: LRP Publications. This second edition, utilizing the most current research and evidence-based practices, presents real-world scenarios that illustrate practical, preventive strategies and environmental and instructional support tools to address challenging behaviors of students with autism. Administrators and teachers will learn how to use a caring, rather than punitive, intervention approach and gain a greater understanding of how to deliver supports based on each student’s unique needs. It is the easy way to ensure your staff understands the associated risks, as well as safe and effective alternative strategies to address the problem behavior of students with autism. Available from LRP Publications.

Mindfulness-based Practices for Developing Brains: Cultivating Calmness, Concentration, and Coping Skills: A Quick Reference Guide, available from Austin, TX: Ed 311.
This tri-fold, laminated, reference guide provides the ‘what, why, and how’ of mindfulness practice, identifying what mindfulness-based training is, why it is beneficial for developing brains, and how to implement it with step-by-step instructions.

Nurturing the Growing Brain, Body and Behaviors: A Parenting Guide for Children from Birth to Three Years: The book provides easy-to-use guidance to parents/caregivers for bonding with their child and encouraging her or his healthy development. It approaches bonding from the child’s perspective, so the parent will discover how their child “tells” them about his or her feelings and growth through expression and action thus enabling the caregiver to learn about reasonable expectations for their child’s behavior at each age and stage of development. Available from P.E.A.C.E

P.R.E.V.E.N.T. Problem Behaviors: Seven Contemplative Discipline Steps: A Quick Reference Guide, available from Austin, TX: Ed 311.
This tri-fold, laminated, reference guide is designed to aid teachers and support staff by presenting preventive strategies and personalized solutions to enable them to respond proactively to behaviorally challenged students.

From Early Intervention . . . to Preschool Programs . . . and School-Age Services: A Parent’s Guide to Transitioning Young Children with Special Needs: (Second Edition) Available from Horsham, PA: LRP Publications. Gives parents the tools to actively participate in their child’s transition process. With a “what you need to know and do” approach, the new Second Edition provides parents with current law and research, plus the latest family- and child-centered practices that will lead to desired academic and school outcomes.

Enhancing Executive Function in the Early Years: Environment, Instruction and Adaptations for School Readiness: Available from Horsham, PA: LRP Publications.
This unique resource takes a two-pronged approach to guide you in getting young children on a positive learning trajectory. First, you get essential knowledge of what executive functioning is, its three major components, and what associated difficulties look like in young children. Then, you discover how to structure an environment to make learning fun, meaningful, and engaging while delivering carefully crafted instructional activities to advance children’s cognitive, communication, and social-emotional competencies.

Students With Significant Disabilities: At the Crossroads of IDEA and ESSA: Available from Horsham, PA: LRP Publications.
Replacing NCLB, the new Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) impacts students with significant disabilities regarding alternate assessments, access to and progress in the general curriculum, and their IEPs. The new version includes Q&As providing guidance on new requirements for serving students with significant disabilities, plus the latest research on how to make learning more accessible and engaging, and to enable students to demonstrate what they have learned.

STEM Teaching Strategies: For Young Learners (Pre-K and Kindergarten): A Quick Reference Guide, available from Austin, TX: Ed 311.
This reference guide provides tools and techniques to help Pre-K to Kindergarten children pursue STEM-focused thinking and learning while strengthening their Executive Function.

Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD): Seven Steps of Support: A quick reference laminated guide (Published by NPR, Inc. April 2015). Available from NPR, Inc. This guide presents seven steps for maximizing academic, social, and life outcomes for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), while minimizing the impact of some of their complex behavioral and learning characteristics. Packed with practical and proven strategies, this guide is an invaluable resource for all those who work with children with ASD, including classroom teachers, paraeducators, support staff, and parents.

Serving students with severe and multiple disabilities: A guide to strategies for successful learning: (Second Edition) Available from Horsham, PA: LRP Publications.
It’s your step-by-step guide to planning and delivering a vibrant learning environment that promotes active learner engagement and helps students attain meaningful academic and functional life skills. Packed cover to cover with tools ready for immediate instructional implementation

Paraeducator Power Training Guide for Supporting Students with Disabilities. Trainer’s Guide (CD) and Trainee Manual: Available from Austin, TX: Ed 311.
Provides a valuable, comprehensive resource for providing staff development for paraeducators. Prepare a well-informed and effective force of paraeducators with this rigorous, highly interactive training drawn from best practices.

Music Training CD: ‘Magical Musical Transitions. (2009). Songs to assist with transition to achieve calm-down from melt-down in seconds. A training tool designed for those who teach children ages 3-8 years and especially children with autism.

Striking a Balance Between IDEA and NCLB for Students With Significant Disabilities: Techniques and Tools for Aligning Standards-Based Instruction, Alternate Assessments and IEPs: (Out of print). Horsham, PA: LRP Publications.
Replaced with a newer version of the book focusing on ESSA.

Together We Succeed: Building A Better System for Transitioning Preschoolers with
Horsham, PA: LRP Publications.
Currently out of print.