Feedback from program directors and principals in Texas and outside on Padmaja’s consulting services –on program evaluation and on-site coaching and guidance provided to educators:

“I discovered the book, Serving Students with Severe and Multiple Disabilities: A Guide to Strategies for Successful Learning written by Ms. Sarathy. As I turned the pages, I was amazed at the volume of information contained therein, which was clear, concise, and easy to understand… Ms. Sarathy offered her assistance in designing a meaningful program with goals, activities, benchmarks, and evaluation components to present well-rounded training. Her ability to teach, model, observe and evaluate progress is phenomenal!”

“Her knowledge of best practices, NCLB, and IDEA 2004 along with her positive “can do” attitude has increased the learning base for our teachers and assisted in providing consistency in our instructional programs.”

“Having Padmaja spend time in our district visiting classrooms and making practical suggestions was invaluable. Her approach to action planning, with short term and long term goals, has been received very well by the staff. ”

“Padmaja’s effective program management skills coupled with her ability in building innovative program models is what sets her apart from other consultants.


Feedback on a few of Padmaja’s Books and Quick Reference Guides:

“Paraeducator Power Training for Supporting Students with Disabilities and Power Training for Paraeducators by Padmaja Sarathy provides a valuable, comprehensive resource for providing staff development for paraeducators. The activities in this training package provide hands-on problem-solving and role-playing activities. This program is not only unique in its approach; it is current, organized, and highly practical. – A much needed resource. It is excellent… Consider this a strong endorsement to those districts who may be interested in purchasing this resource.”
~Dr. Kent Gerlach, Professor, Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, WA.

“As a director of special education for a geographically large and diverse district (the district is the size of West Virginia) I am always looking for training and materials that can reach all of our staff and make a difference with what is happening with our students.  The “Seven Steps of Support” written by Padmaja Sarathy is a clearly written guide to working effectively with students experiencing autism.  This guide can be used with bus drivers and attendants, teachers, paraprofessionals, and building administrators as a quick and effective guide on how to provide support to our students.  I especially like how this can be used as a quick guide for our new hires until we provide them in-depth training on the same topics covered in the “Seven Steps of Support.”  I highly recommend this guide to anyone.”
~The comment above was posted by a special education director at the Amazon website.


Feedback from Participants on Padmaja’s Workshops, Webinars and Other Training Series:

“Thank you for making a difference in the lives of many individuals struggling through life to succeed. Awesome training and If I had to I would definitely take it again as a refresher course… simply the best training I have ever had! Keep up the good work because you do make a difference.”

“I had the pleasure of hearing your presentation…“Active Learning for Students with Severe and Multiple Disabilities.” We had several teachers attend this workshop and all felt it was wonderful and very beneficial. …Thanks for the great ideas!!”

“I liked the relaxed atmosphere, opportunity to communicate, the way it was organized: present a point, provide examples and allow for discussion”.

“That was one of the excellent life skills workshop that I attended. I will implement the strategies that I learned first day after Spring break. I am so glad I came. I feel like a heavy load was lifted off my back after seeing all the examples you gave us. Again, THANK YOU!”

“I thought the presenter was very succinct and organized with her explanations and in her examples.”

“Thank you for setting up this PD. The small group setting was excellent with a customized presentation for middle and high school. It affirmed many practices and challenged me for others.”